Handicap Parking Permit Maryland

In this page, we provide you the updated Handicap Parking Permit Maryland information, phone number 800-248-4160, lisence plates, DMV registration at 6601 Ritchie Highway NE in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

How to get a Handicap Parking Permit Maryland?

In order to get a Handicap Parking Permit Maryland, you need to fill out the special DMV form at the following website address: https://mva.maryland.gov/vehicles/Pages/Disability-Placards.aspx

What is the phone number for Handicap Parking Permit Maryland?

The phone number for Handicap Parking Permit Maryland to talk to live person at the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles is 800-248-4160

This Handicap Parking Permit Maryland information includes the state DMV address and phone number, is available for you regularly and DMV team is available on regular working hours. The Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles team are ready to assist you in issues related to Handicap Parking Permit Maryland, and additional motor vehicle matters.

Handicap Parking Permit Maryland Appointment

Handicap Parking Permit Maryland appointment for all vehicles and other DMV related issues including driver’s license renewal, vehicle registration, license tags and plates, and additional help can be booked at: https://license.mva.maryland.gov/CheckList/default.aspx

Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles Location & Address

Here is the Maryland DMV address for Handicap Parking Permit Maryland:

DMV/Agency: Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles
Address: 6601 Ritchie Highway NE
City: Glen Burnie
State & Zip Code: Maryland 21062

What is Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles address?

Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles (Maryland DMV) address, where you can get assistance for gettting a disabled person parking permit or placard, registration, licenser tags, and more, is 6601 Ritchie Highway NE, Glen Burnie, MD 21062.

Need assistance with your Handicap Parking Permit Maryland or any Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles related issues, please write us at the comments on this page, we are happy to assist you and add new and updatef information to this page for free.

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